NOT OK: R3000 second print (ABW) - lot of regular linear scratches... :(

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UPDATE2 Re: One question....

Petruska wrote:

Does your paper lay flat, or does it bow upward causing the head to strick it?

Ok, the Pearl Paper of my first post is slightly carved, I have noticed it this morning and I have put the paper under big books on a flat surface for all the day. Now I have tried another print, unlucky the paper is still carved and difficult to load. I have set thickness to 0.6 (instead of 0.5) and "wide" platen gap.

RESULTS: no head strike noises during print and no noticeable scratches on printed image surface. I don't know if the decisive setting is the thickness value or the platen gap, and I still don't know the negative consequences of these settings on final image print in any case.

Also let's go back to your original tray issue. As the tray comes out it lowers the paper feed floor, if your tray is not working correctly and you don't see that drop taking place, then this could also be the cause of the paper being too close to the print head.

It seems to me that when I fully extend the tray all is fine...

One other question, why don't you just use the rear paper feed? I print on all types of papers with the majority of them thick and I have yet to use the front tray except for occasional DVD printing.

Bob P.

Wow, I don't have a good answer here!

I simply "blindly" followed the instructions to use the front manual tray (one sheet at once) for Fine Art media of thickness greater than 0.3mm as specified in the user guide. Are you saying that you normally put the 0.5mm Fine Art paper sheet in the normal rear sheet feeder without issues?

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