I just bought a new Mac Mini, and want advice on photography software

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Re: I just bought a new Mac Mini, and want advice on photography software

BobVell wrote:

My suggestion is to try some trials of the programs you are considering (if available) and see which format suits your workflow the best. It is a tough choice. Good luck.

Excellent advice.

I would add further: Make sure you use the software sufficiently during the trial period. At first, I didn't like LR4 because I was misunderstanding the workflow. Once I corrected my misunderstanding, I found this fit my needs best. So, don't give up on any of them until you've really worked through the logic underlying their workflow.

No trials anymore of Aperture. It is in my mind the best one out there when it comes to organizing. Editing is more or less on par with LR. I think most people that work a lot with either AP or LR will get 3rd part plugins that will enhance editing a lot.

I use these, http://www.niksoftware.com/index/usa/entry.php

Here is another one, http://www.ononesoftware.com/products/suite7/

Both these tools ships with both AP & LR versions of their plugins for the same license.

I think at $80 Aperture is a no-brainer on a mac. I saw LR for the same price on Black Friday. I have both and they shine in different areas. Aperture is the center of my workflow.

My favorite raw processor is DxO 8 though. Most serious raw processing is done there and then I move the output into Aperture. One area that has improved vastly in Aperture recently is white balance. It is really good.

Corel Aftershot Pro seems to be a dying product. I've used it since it's Bibble Pro days but rumor has it that the original developer team has left and development is now moved to asia and has grinded to a halt.

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