Need to tether a77 for photoshoot

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Re: Need to tether a77 for photoshoot

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To the guy suggesting the eyefi what would you say the delay in amount of seconds for each frame to populate lightroom and be ready to develope/print?


I did a kids Santa shoot last Friday, eye-fi to laptop and then printing each one.. the transfers are a little over 1MB/sec, so a 6 JPEG takes around 6 seconds..

I normally shoot RAW + JPEG, and set it to only transfer the JPEG's.. it takes about 2 seconds after the shot to start the transfer, and a handful of seconds to complete.. You set the destination folder, so as long as LR will import them immediately, you are all set.

You need to set the A77's sleep timer such that it doesnt' go to sleep between shots (if you are doing them in a constant stream as I usually do).. And about every 40-50 shots the eye-fi can stop transmitting, but I learnt to just cycle the power every 30 shots or so, and then I never see any issues..

My back up should it all go horribly wrong is to use multiple SD cards, and take 5 shots, and swap with the person on the printing station, that works fine as an emergency backup, since switching cards is all but a seconds work..

For my events, I'd not want to be cabled tethered often, but I would love wireless tethering, and I think newer camera's are starting to get that feature..

Thanks indeed thats what I done ( should have came back to this thread sooner I have a bad habit of asking/commenting losing track and never returning ). I purchased an 8 gig eye-fi Pro x2 and have lightroom set to auto import via the folder the eye-fi populates. I really like it and its surprisingly fast, way faster than I could have hoped given reviews ive read. Thats a great idea on the raw vs jpeg, im guessing you set the one tab to upload jpegs and leave the raw unchecked..slick... It took me some time to discover that I should turn the standby way up this is helping consistency, I also have a grip with 2 batteries so the pics with Santa session should be fine. All in all the eye-fi is working well but I just lose it or it doesnt broadcast its SSID in direct mode at times. I have the android app on my Samsung galaxy note 2 but how to take advantage and set it up for optimum use eludes me ( i must disclose I have read ZERO instructions haha ). This will work great for what I wanted if the card will stay up. The range and speed are much better than expected, jpeg fine doesnt take long at all.

So the plan is to setup on tripod in portrait orientation, use the remote, tilt the screen towards me fire, confirm, and print via lightroom...should work great......I really appreciate constructive post helping me through this and understand im not bashing Sony I just get frustrated as I suspect we ALL should with their behavior...I have big decisions to make in 2013...sell out of my Sony system and go with a D800/Tamron 24-70mm 2.8 VC for events ect and D7000 ( or D400 ) successor for my wild life. Or keep my a77, grip 16-50mm combo maybe upgrading to an a99 keeping my 70-200mm f2.8 and 90mm macro while buying a 24-70mm ( OS not needed ) be it zeiss used on a good deal or sigma/tamron variant....If I could get a little more out of the 800-1200 iso range and AF module for bird in flight it would help things. I would keep the a77 with a 500mm ( maybe the new tamron 600mm next year ),16-50mm, 60mm f2 using it for almost everything and add an a99 with a 24-70mm after Sony realizes its priced to high at the d800 level and the d600 sitting there using the same sensor with better IQ.....I would be MUCH less painful after an a99 price drop for me to split my current lenses add a 24-70mm to get started down the full frame path...also the a99 looks to be a GREAT camera as well....

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