GH3 EVF smearing?

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Re: GH3 EVF smearing?

ralphthomas wrote:

I agree with ianbrown.

The EVF of the GH3 is fuzzy towards the edges. Never had that problem with the GH2 (or a Sony a55 and a35, which I owned for a short time). It is like looking through a cheap magnifying glass, sharp in the center, but somewhat off at the sides. Especially if you haven't got it perfectly centered in front of your eye.

I wear strong glasses all the time, but never had a problem like this before. Basically with the GH3 I cannot say for sure, if the focus is where I want it. I have to trust the camera, which I know I can (pictures are absolutely fine so far). The rest of the camera is great, but the EVF givs a bit of an indirect feeling while shooting. For me, anyway.


after all the comments, it's gotta be that you are wearing glasses. anyone without glasses having problems? As I said, I do not wear glasses when I shoot with the camera and the EVF is far superior to the GH2

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