Epson Stylus Pro 4000

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Re: Close experience with 4800

I do not have the 4000, but the functionally similar 4800.

With the 4000 you will not have the black ink swap issues that most users of subsequent printers have to deal with. (I get by that with the 4800 in PK and a 7800 in MK.)

The biggest annoyance I had when I first moved up from the R2400 that I had before was getting used to the 5/8 inch trailing border on any non roll papers. I was used to printing almost to the edge of the paper (I don't use borderless) with my R2400, but the 4000/4800/4880 cannot do this. Although if you use roll paper you have almost unlimited flexibility.

The machine is built like a tank and as long as you use it enough to prevent clogs - I let it sit too long once and ended up using lots of ink and simple green to get it going once again.

Be sure to check out youtube for maintenance tips. There is one very good video telling you how to do preventative maintenance:

Good Luck!


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