Lightroom 4: searching for files without a certain keyword

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Re: Lightroom 4: searching for files without a certain keyword

There's a quite simple way to accomplish what you're after. Look at the Collections panel on the left side of the Library Module. You may have to click on the arrow to expand the panel but you'll see there are a number of Smart Collections already there, including one called "Without Keywords" which automatically identifies and filters all photos in your catalog that haven't been tagged with Keywords.

In your specific case you can create your own Smart Collection with the rule "Keywords" "Doesn't Contain" "Missing"

The advantage of using Smart Collections is that they automatically do the searching and filtering; so you don't have to do manual searches.

Kolen wrote:

Let say I have a keyword "missing". And in the metadata penal I can isolate all files with that keyword. How to do it in the opposite way, that isolate all files without the keyword "missing"?


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