Maybe it's my monitor calibration?

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Re: Maybe it's my monitor calibration?

The Photo Ninja wrote:

To everyone that says their d800 / d4 is fine, how do you calibrate your computer monitor? I'm using a spyder3pro which is probably four or five years old.

The Spyder 3 pro was not known to be very accurate. The Spyder 4 was a great improvement, but still not the best alternative.

i1 Display Pro is probably the best reasonably priced calibrator puck right now. Don't fall for Color Munki.

The best software is ColorEyes Dsplay Pro (works with a variety of pucks and can be used with L-star instead of the traditional gamma, and gives you natural and better tonal separation particularly in the shadows). I use L-star RGB also as a working space and get superior equivalence from display to print compared to earlier gamma 2.2 calibration

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