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There is a manual....

You're incorrect; Lightroom does come with a manual which you can download from this link:

I've been using Lightroom since its first beta tests in 2006 and the manual is all I've ever needed.  I had a copy printed and spiral bound for about $15 and after reading it through a few times I know just about everything the software can do.  Unlike most software manuals, the Lightroom User Guide is very easy to read and very well illustrated.  It is also frequently revised to correct errors or to clarify information.  I've read most of the popular LR books and they mostly just rehash the same information you can get for free in the User Guide.

dwight3 wrote:

Brian wrote:

...Thanks for the tip Reilly. I am surprised the software didn't come with a manual.
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That's one of my pet peeves. No software comes with a manual these days. Maybe we get a help file. Maybe we get an online help file. Not likely we get a good index to look for a topic. 90% of the answers we get online are irrelevant.

Guess I'm just old school. I learned to read from paper and I like it that way. But then I'm old everything else, too.

OTOH, my D4 came with a big manual. I ran off and started shooting before picking up the manual and starting to read it. (The manual stays with me for the moment because I ​do​ have to refer to it occasionally).

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