NOT OK: R3000 second print (ABW) - lot of regular linear scratches... :(

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Re: UPDATE! Re: I'm not the resident R3000 expert, but.....

jtoolman wrote:

You definitely should not be expereincing head strikes on any part of your print. Unless something is causing that portion of the sheet of paper to rise so that the head COULD strike it.

I recently had a sudden problem with my R2000. Simmilar to yours except much worse. I was getting horrible head to paer scratches and gougings. After a couple of agonizing nights, I took a small LED torch and took a close look at the front of the printer, where the prints emerge and found a little piece of broken plastic that should, for all intents and purposes, not be there. With some needle nose plyers and a flat bladed screw driver, I was able to remove it. Where this came from, I have no clue but the problem immediately dissappeared. Whatever that was, it was pushing the right edge of the paper up against the head as it began to exit out the front.

Look for anything that might be stuck anywhere along the paper path in the area that the problem manifests itself.

Good luck and let us know of any progress.



may thanks for your advice, I have looked carefully inside the tray with a LED torch and I have noticed nothing unusual for what I can guess...

The situation is that in a three day period of very limited usage and very few prints I have collected the following:

- The Fine art front tray, when pushed, has always the tendence to stuck in the middle of their way and I have to pull it out by hands 75% of the times to let it fully extend out.

- The Fine art paper insertion sometimes is hanging somewhere inside and I have to try some repeated little re-adjustment in order to be able to succesfully fully insert the paper and let the printer to load it.

- Another thing I have noticed is that printing on plain paper at standard setting with Photo Black produces unacceptable grays instead of blacks (for example in the windows printer test page). It is normal? It's mandatory to print with Matte Black to get decent black text/graphic on plain paper?

- Still have to try Matte Black prints at all.

- Finally, it's true that with the modified settings I was able to get a perfect print (other test will follow) but the real big headache for me is wheter or not I should consider normal/acceptable the fact that I have to carefully play with the deep drivers settings (thickness and platen gap) to avoid this kind of behaviour. This is something really disconcerning...

So, using your words in this moment I'm literally agonizing... My problem is to understand wheter I should returrn the printer as defective or not (considering that returning the printer for this kind of issues is a big pain, a lot of unpleasant troublesome discussions and big time loss for sure in my experience).

Please, let me know your opinion, many thanks for the support in advance.


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