GH3 EVF smearing?

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Re: Perfect EVF

Curious if you wear glasses? I do and I also have no problem with the GH3 EVF. As compared to the GH2's EVF I would say there are pluses and minuses. On the plus side, the new EVF has much better contrast and much less motion smearing in low light. On the minus side you can see the pixel grid which was not visible with the GH2's EVF.

On the whole I prefer the GH3's EVF for it's better low light performance. Annoyingly, there are some very small dust particles in my new camera's EVF. :-<

The Rear OLED is leagues better than the GH2's LCD both in terms of IQ and touch performance. I always found the GH2's touch screen clumsy to use, but the GH3's is great -- just like an iPhone screen.


I wear reading glasses at the computer, etc, but I do not wear glasses when I shoot with a camera. I adjusted the EVF for my vision and that was it. As I said, the image is perfect in my GH3 EVF.

I also imagine, that like with any equipment forum, very few people write posts when something is working properly, so any problem reported by a few gets magnified to seem like a grand sweeping issue. If it was me, I would simply return the unit and get a new one. And I would keep doing that until I was satisfied, no point in buying a camera, or computer or whatever and being unhappy with it.

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