My new P7700 vs my old G12 . . .

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Re: My new P7700 vs my old G12 . . .

Nikonworks wrote:

ddan wrote:

Admittedly I have only been playing with the Nikon for a couple of hours and only inside the house, but initial impressions are that Nikon really needs to improve low light focus! I will hold final judgement until I get more familiar with it. I do like the feel, extra reach of the lens and display. I will post again after I get some more time comparing the two.

I have no focus problems inside with my P7700, nor outside at night.

It is the fastest contrast AF detect camera I have used and beats my D7000 and D5100 in Live View.

Perhaps you should learn your camera before making public your impressions, you could mislead others to the wrong direction and away from a great camera.

With my SB800 on it you do not even think about the AF, it just focuses.

Not trying to mislead anyone. I should have stated that I am not happy that the P7700 does not focus as consistently as my G12 does. It does focus better than the P7000 I tried before purchasing the G.

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