Quality Control Issues 18-55

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Re: Quality Control Issues 18-55

Ridethelight wrote:

I'm getting lens error with the 35mm f1.4,not sure if it is the lens or body,either way one of them is being returned today,lucky the dealer is close.

I has SAB with my x100 and orbs with a now sold X10, sometimes i wonder why i bother with Fuji.

Best i can do right now is just hope the replacement is fine. If not i am calling Fuji and returning the camera and forgetting about Fuji all together, and i hope that doesn't happen.

Did not want to get an NEX but i want a compact camera. If it comes to that then whatever.

Fuji RAF files in lightroom kill my computer, autofocus is bad, not okay, just bad.2 XE-1 18-55 with dust and scratches inside.

Well... and still i am ignoring all those things and trying out the fuji system. Maybe its the retro look or the great high iso for a compact camera, and sharp lenses. I dont know.

Either way i can't really carry on replacing until everything is okay since it does make me wonder what would happen in the long run. Would i need to do that for everything i buy from them?

(Note: a lot of 'hope/hoping' in my messages. Cause that's the only thing i can do right now heh)

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