Another one of those lens questions

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Re: Some Thoughts

I started off in a similar way, being sold on the kit lens when I picked up my first D80. That was the Nikkor 18-70mm, and yeah, I never missed a shot. That said, nothing ever looked spectacular or special. What will really affect the way you shoot is when you start meeting other photographers in the field, and when they let you try their lenses and share a few tips or tricks with you, that's when you will start to see exactly what lens is right for you.

The magic of using a Nikon is that you have access to a vast library of lenses. The D600 is a fabulous camera because it is full frame, and will take full advantage of classic glass. So one avenue you could take is to go ahead and get your zoom lens, but also buy a classic 50mm F1.4 AFD or the 85mm F1.8 AFD, or even an older 35mm F2 ais. All great lenses and a lot of fun to experiment with. I shoot almost entirely with a kit of ai and ais lenses and I love the character of the shots they produce. If you're curious what kind of results you'll get out of an older ais or ai lens, have a look over at my photostream:

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