Quality Control Issues 18-55

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Re: Quality Control Issues 18-55

Randy Benter wrote:

I purchased 8 items from Fuji this year (4 cameras, 3 lenses, 1 flash).

3 of the 8 items were defective and needed to be returned.

X10 – Orbs

X-E1 – Camera locked up when using flash

18-55 – Loud whistling sound when using OIS

I purchased approximately 20 other (non-Fuji) cameras and lenses this year.

None of them were defective.

I realize that other manufacturers have occasional problems, but in my personal experience, Fuji has MAJOR QC issues.

That's all i need an 18-55 with loud whistling. Really really hope it works out this time. It's ruining the whole buying something new experience i guess

They need to step up and fix their QC.

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