Anyone holding on for a full frame 36mp camera and not getting the A99?

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Re: Anyone holding on for a full frame 36mp camera and not getting the A99?

I’m a stills shooter and currently I own two a850 and several Zeiss and Sony G lens and looking closely at all of the new full-frames from Nikon, Canon and Sony's new a99 but as of yet see little reason to spend my money.

For better than a year now I’ve thought that the rumored 36MP would be my logical replacement body for my almost four year old camera so I’m following what’s happening at Sony with great interest.

As if said before, I’m not willing to substitute any reduction in image quality or AF lens selection for a smaller size camera. For me, the camera is just part of a larger system of optics, lighting and accessories and I have no problem making a switch if necessary much like I have no problem every four or five years buying a car from a different car company. So if Sony makes a business decision to concentrate on marking products that don’t meet my current needs and someone else does then I go with them. No big deal!

I’m excited about Sony’s future and plan to follow what happens over the next year with interest and hope.

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