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Re: Shutter-speed Indication May Not Be Accurate

steve ohlhaber wrote:

One thing for sure is the HX9V shoots at 60 progressive frames per second in the highest quality mode. This cannot be using 1/30 sec because the frames are obviously all different as you pan an image. You can see 60 different unique frames in there. This is a big obvious difference over 30fps.

I think people trying to eyeball the 60i vs 60p modes are having trouble because some devices deinterlace the image and it becomes more difficult to see. Even software on the computer these days will deinterlace almost as a rule. If you shut all the deinterlacing off and watch an interlaced video pan an image, its horrific. Its instantly clear that every other line is in a different moment of time. Getting 60 actual different images per second is a big deal and makes the image extremely smooth. It really is ideal for home video that is just handheld. Shooting 1080p at 60fps is a big step over everything I have seen on many other cameras that I have shot video with.

The exposure time in low light may be changing in the camera. This is the only thing I am not sure about. From looking at some low light video when I shoot 60fps, it looks like the camera actually kicks down to 30fps and starts to frame double. That would be ideal since you will probably get a better image that way, and when the light is low, its really best to have a longer exposure.

Agree. Have a look here for an explanation http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/50431600

Some older cameras have a candle light mode, where you go all the way down to 2fps in video. I am not totally sure this is what the hx9v is doing and i dont know if it matters what mode the main dail is in. The sony really seems to be doing the video right as the quality is really amazing with this series.

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