Toshiba Flashair vs eye-fi x2 pro, anyone experienced?

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Re: Toshiba Flashair vs eye-fi x2 pro, anyone experienced?

I am looking for the same comparison so I'll give you a bump and some old data.

I got an EyeFi Pro a couple of years ago and I had to stop using it.  If I stood within about 30ft. of my hub and didn't move around it worked flawlessly.  The maximum range seemed to be about 100ft. but it was a bit variable.  When you lost your connection in the middle of a transfer it stopped the transfer, but the file was  marked as transferred ( even though only a fragment was sent) and I never could  find a way to resend it via WiFi.  Emails to the EyeFi folks  for this and other problems got replys  but no answers.  They basically just told me to stay in range of my hub.  I offered several solutions, restart the transfer once contact was re-established,   mark the file as transferred at the end of the transfer not at the start (duh),  but they never fixed this during the 6 months I used the card.   After shooting a whole 8Gb card one day and having only about an 80% hit rate for downloads I just got tired of this and threw the card away (it was too slow to use as a normal SD-Card).

No experience with FlashAir.

Maybe someone else can supply the second half of this comparison or an update for newer EyeFi operation.  Did they ever fix this problem?

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