Waterproof case works with 18.5mm f/1.8

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Re: Waterproof case works with 18.5mm f/1.8

Bobby Handal wrote:

thanks for your info. Question, with the kit lens on the camera, can you zoom the lens inside the housing?

Unfortuately, no.

It's hard to imagine an easy solution to this problem that I would trust to be waterproof and would not require the case to be powered or a lot larger.  The seals are o-rings and the camera controls are operated with buttons on what are essentially pistons with seals that have levers inside the case or push rods that contact the camera buttons -- I suppose this kind of mechanism could operate with some kind of ratchet gears that attach to the focus ring, where buttons would operate ratchet levers for each direction, although I imagine it would be slow to zoom that way.  I don't think I would want anything to push (poke) directly on the focus ring, itself.

My only previoous underwater rig was for an Olympus 5050 (a high-end P&S in its day -- large sensor for the time and a large fast lens) that has a power zoom that operates with a lever; that zoom worked fine.

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