OM-D vs 5D Mk2 Test

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Re: OM-D vs 5D Mk2 Test

Totally agree with this assessment.  I have a D800E and a D4 plus a whole slew of lenses for paid jobs, where I am not supposed to miss an important shot.  I also have to bring out the heavy gear so people would take me seriously as a pro.  But for leisure, I would rather bring 6 small (but good) m43 lenses with me on a trip then only 3 FF lenses.  I have the 6 lenses packed in a small back pack and am pretty much covered in terms of FL from 14mm (7-14mm) to 600mm (100-300mm) with 2 fast primes for low light situations (25mm and 75mm).  I simply can't do that with my FF gear without hauling a luggage.  I'm not worried about not getting a shot so fast AF is not required (in fact I find CDAF better in nailing a focus than PDAF).

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