Back by popular demand: Nex-7 vs OMD

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Re: Popular demand, really?

LTZ470 wrote:

spacemn wrote:

LTZ470 wrote:

spacemn wrote:

LTZ470 wrote:

jack scholl wrote:

Guess I didn't think a "mid magnification zoom" or a "middle telephoto" could be close to a 100-300. Hope you are right . . .


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High Mag Zoom is listed...

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@LTZ470 - I think you have accomplished your mission to confuse some people and spread odd rumors in here.

All High-Mag. equipment from the roadmap has been delivered by Sony. So no more to-be-delivered High-mag on this roadmap.

Why do you bother about other cameras when you shoot jpeg only and think that the m43 will give you all the shallow DOF you need? Why waste money on, according to you, m43's, NEX', RX's, when you are far from utilising the big sensor camera's potential, unless you are a camera collector?

Get your facts straight at least if you are still here for trolling/straw man purposes.

Yep i read correctly I thunk?

"At the top of the Roadmap it says 15 lens and 2 converters available in 2013."

Duh lets see I count: 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...and 1...2...Converters ad the 35 and 10-18? and thats 9 lens and 2 if my Math is right thats 15 - 9 = 6

So 6 more lens to come or am i completely off base here according to the statement on the Sony Roadmap?

You really are a spaceman...way out wouldn't happen to live in one of the states that just legalized marijuana?...that would explain a

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you are a true straw man case of this forum.

We are talking about High-Magnification lenses, straw man, no more of these are to be revealed on the roadmap.

We have three High-mag. lenses on the road map which have already been materialized, SEL18200, SEL55210 and SEL18200LE.

All in all, four lenses, 4, are to be announced from this road map.

Interesting case you are, quite funny actually. You don't even bother doing your own reasearch to contribute here.

Don't be surprised by what you do not know space to roll up another one it seems...

We own and enjoy many cameras of all types, have for years...stick around you might even learn how to use one...

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So you ended up being a troll didn't you.

Where was that high-mag. lens on the roadmap again, which we haven't got yet?

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