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Re: Another Neil photo taken on Auto!! LOL

G4orce Studios wrote:

oklaphotog wrote:

Wow attack, attack, attack. WTF, looking at your site, your wedding images are worse than Neil's and amateur at best. You have no room to talk. Surprised no one has submitted any of your images to

Interesting comment from a douche that has no pics posted anywhere.
They DID use one of my pics on that site you mentioned! It had nothing to do with photo quality and was all about how stupid your mom looked in fishnets. A bag over her head may have helped. I should have known better than to take that gig.

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You've now stooped to the attacking someone's mother! Wow, a new level for you. Congrats.

Complaint filled again against you. This is unacceptable behavior on this site (or any for matter)

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It's just photography, lighten up.

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