Sansmirror 12-35mm review

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RaymondR wrote:

perhaps you missed the Photozone review, which lines up fairly well with Hogan's:

Hogan's review seems fair to me and to dis him for not producing the sort of technical review info you seem to demand in order to give his review any credence seems, well, unseemly. If you follow his sites you wouldn't call him lazy or sloppy -- he produces a lot of good content on two different sites plus works as a professional photographer. This review is in the same format and of the same nature as all his reviews, so I see no evidence he cut corners or did a poor analysis. I have owned a number of Nikon mount and m4/3 lenses that Hogan has reviewed over the years and my experience with my copy almost always parallels his more or less, so I don't need to see images or charts to decide whether I am going to rely on him. I think the fans of this lens posting here are way overreacting to his review because he doesn't love it the way they do. What possible motive does he have to trash a lens (and this review is NOT a trashing)? He obviously likes and uses the m4/3 format and he hasn't shown any fanboy prejudice against Panasonic. The review is what it is -- if you own the lens and it suits you and produces the images you want, why do you care what Hogan thinks anyway?

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Yes Photozone does do slam the 12-35 the same way. Then i read the 25mm f/1.4 review and started comparing resolutions. Now i am really happy with my 25mm and so are most users even at 1.4? Well the 25mm does not beat the 12-35 resolutions until you reach 2.8 and this pretty much across the entire zoom range (same camera used). So does the zoom deserve this reaction on how poor it is?

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