You know its coming....Canon's copycat RX100

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Re: Canon, too little, too late

Dimitri Khoz wrote:

I will suggest to visit any camera store and see Canon G15 in real life,

you will be surprised by its size.

It is completely pocketable, just 4mm thicker than RX100.

Yeah the G15 is surprisingly small that's said it is a bit heavier than the RX 100 and for those who like to carry their camera in their shirt pocket it may be a bit too big and heavy. Anyway people MUST see it in real life to decide if it is small enough for them.

Now, noisewise it is just 1 stop worse than RX100

In term of noise according to DXO Mark the difference between G15 and RX100 is 1+1/3 stop (for a given print size)

G15 vs RX100

G15's DR is actually just 1/3 stop worse at ISO200+

In fact at minimum ISO the RX100 have a full EV avantage (for a given printing size).

At ISO 280 the Sony is slightly better than the Canon at 114 ISO and in the highter ISO the difference is somewhere arround 3/4 of EV.

I don't know from where is coming your 1/3 EV ......

G15 vs RX100

After we account for 1-2 full stop brighter lens in G15,

diference of brightness is from 0 at 28mm to 1+2/3 stop at 100mmm (eq)

RX100 will hold its grounds only at the very base ISO125 and nowhere else.

At ISO100 and higher G15 will deliver better DR and noise levels when RX100 user will be forced to use ISO200 to 400 due to the much darker lens at 34-100mm range.

As I said DR ox RX100 at ISO 280 is better than G15 at 114 .......

As you stated in good light the RX100 is well ahead of the G15 and the G1X


Also do not forget that for stills G15 will have another full stop of advantage due to the better IS.

I will tend to be agree on this one , even if I don't play that much with the G15 I fonud a difference of 1 stop for the IS.

Now, after knowing the fact that it were results of RAW files,

in JPEGs G15 trumps RX100 handsdown.

disagree there as you can customize your JPEG............... and shooting in RAW+JPEG is not that much slowing the Sony, the same cannot be said for the Canon.

In a general way the RX100 is a bit faster than the G15 (but don't miss understood unlike the G1X the G15 is NOT a slow camera)

Sony need to work on RX200 asap.

All manufacturer need to work on their next camera ...............

In fact the RX100 is a bit smaller than the G15, a bit faster , is better for video, much better in good light but have a weaker IS (for still) and for everything above 75mm (or arround) the G15 is a better camera in low light..................

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