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Jasonsmom wrote:

Thanks for advice. I did try to get tree in reflection.

Yes, it is bamboo flooring. One of my small attempts at being green. My husband is a wildlife biologist working for the DNR. He works with non-game species.

I saw the tree in the refletion. That's what made me think it would really be nice if you could see part of the tree itself in the frame. I think it would give a nice context. You never know though, when you're making guesses about compositions someone else /might/ have been able to get. You might want to try cropping the broken shards tight, and applying various filters. Sometimes photos that are a little soft work really good with filters.

And sometimes there are scenes where you think you ought to be able to get a good photo, but you really just can't. Perhaps you captured the best composition possible. Perhaps not. But it helps if you can imagine what the framing will be like in other spots without actually looking.
We had bamboo in about half of our old house. Good in the living room. Not so good in the kitchen. Looks good in photos.

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