Wait for E7 or just get a Nikon D5200 or Pentax K5 II or K30

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Re: Wait for E7 or just get a Nikon D5200 or Pentax K5 II or K30
I have been using Olympus E510 with lens of 18-180,50mm,70-300mm lens for some time but thinking of adding second DSLR with HD video capability. I am not sure if both Nikon or Pentax can work fine with Olympus lens.

Good advice above.

One option is to pick up a good used E-5 body for around $1000, a couple here now:


Or you can buy a hacked GH2 for less or a new GH3 if its excellent video that you're after.

Your lenses are entry level and the E-510 long in the tooth, though still a fine little DSLR once you learn to work around its wrinkles (have one mostly sitting on a shelf myself), so these are no impediments to shifting systems.

The Nikon D5200 looks to be an excellent DSLR, in many ways an update of the E-620 philosophy I like so much (small/light body with articulated LCD), and will provide current state of the art DSLR video along with what's assuredly a great 24 MP sensor in a new camera for under $1000. It will also give you access to an excellent system, lenses and flash units alike. But it's consumer build (i.e., not weathersealed, shorter shutter life), doesn't have IBIS and has a small pentamirror viewing area (though if you're used to the E-510, it will seem large!).

I've long admired the K-5, and the K-5 II further improves its already class leading low light capabilities. Similar size to the E-510, but has a weathersealed alloy body and pentaprism viewfinder (large and bright viewing area), priced at $1250 with decent kit lens on Amazon. You can also buy the still excellent K-5 with kit lens new for $1000 or the same sensored K-30 (also has the same pentaprism VF) with kit lens new for $700 on Amazon. All have IBIS.

What's held me back from Pentax is their lens selection, precisely what keeps many lingering with Olympus. Pentax has excellent primes and some decent zooms but lacks when it comes to quality longer zooms. Olympus is strong everywhere when it comes to 4/3's zooms, and these days you can buy a used 14-54 f2.8-3.5 MkII and 50-200 f2.8-3.5 SWD for around $1200 on eBay or KEH.

Or you could go the mFT route with a refurbished E-M5 ($830), but good luck on the zooms (the 2 Panny's providing a combined range of 12-100mm at f2.8 will set you back over $2000 alone) and you lose tracking ability for birds in flight/fast action along with fast AF with the better 4/3's zooms.

So, I guess it comes down to how serious you are and how deep your pockets, but for $2200 or so you can have a superb, albeit large bodied, kit in a used E-5 with the 14-54 MkII and 50-200 SWD .

Me? I'm just sitting on the fence awhile longer to see what shakes out. Rumor has it Olympus is releasing one or two new mFT's in a few months and an E-5 replacement in the second half of 2013.  I still think they'd be nutty (not that that would be anything surprising :-)! ) not to do anything in the way of a Sony sensored 4/3's body to rescue sales of their 4/3's zooms.

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