NOT OK: R3000 second print (ABW) - lot of regular linear scratches... :(

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UPDATE! Re: I'm not the resident R3000 expert, but.....

NeroMetalliko wrote:

Petruska wrote:

I would look at the paper thickness and platen gap settings in the print driver....

Bob P.


Thanks for the answer, the thickness setting was already set to 0.5mm as per paper specs. All other settings were set as per manufacturer instructions.

I will try to widen the platen gap. In any case in the previous print the paper was of similar thickness (0.4) and the settings were 0.3mm (my fault), "standard" platen gap and no one single scratch is visible...

But I'm wondering: do you think that the printer heads can scratch the paper this way during printing without any single visible ink smear or print irregularity? (print was mono directional, high speed disabled).

I looks like something has pressed the paper in regular way on the right side marking the surface, but the printed image is fine.

In addition, curiously the scrathes are completely stopping before the end of the printed zone (look carefully on top right corner in the example photo and you will notice it). Same behaviour in the bottom right corner (not visible). On the left side there are no scratches at all.

Could it be something related to paper rollers and/or pizza wheel?



Ok, things are running wild here...

I update you with some further informations.

I tried the color test image twice with Ilford Gold Fibre Silk 300 (0.315mm thickness), settings and icc as per Ilford site. Sheets inspected before printing.

- Thickness set to 0.3mm and "standard" platen gap, 1440x1440, no high speed, RESULT: I was clearly able to hear the printer heads (or something else) scratching on the paper during the initial part of the printing!!! The final print is scratched (not with the long and regular pattern visible above but in a more limited zone, and there is a little ink drop stain near the same zone...

- Thickness set to 0.4mm and "wide" platen gap, 5760x1440, no high speed, RESULT: no audible scratching during printing. No visible scratches or stains in the printed image.

So it seems definitely something related to paper type and/or printer heads settings, but now my big question is:

Is this normal or I have to consider my printer faulty?

Any opinion/suggestion is welcome.

Thanks in advance,


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