Nikon 14-24 refresh?

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Re: "Zooms impair creativity"... explain opinion please

John M Roberts wrote:

ponderosabob wrote:

So how on earth do you perceive that zooms hinder creativity?


I was strictly stating that as a personal opinion as it applies to my own photography. Everyone is an individual, and applies their visions differently. If zooms have enhanced your spontaneity and ability to get certain shots you may have otherwise missed, then great for you.

Personally I don't begrudge anyone the use of zooms, as I have several, but I rarely use them. I do believe they are a compromise, however small.

I almost always shoot aperture priority, and lean toward the fast glass for it's subject isolation and dimensional effect (portraiture). Distinct advantage to the primes.

Landscapes, of course, are different, and have other considerations.

Best to you..

Understood. You were coming from a more personal preference. Your statement though didn't make that clear for me. Your subject matter of preference, to which isolating the subject is needed, is hindered by many zooms limit in f stop. Thanks for the clarification.

Same here John... I do own 17-35, 24-70, 35-70 f2.8 & 70-200vrii, but I also own 16mmf/e AI-s. 14mmD, 24mm f2.8 AI-S, 28mm f2.8 AI-S, 35mm f2.8 P/C, 50mm f1.4G, 85mm f1.8D, 105microVR, 180 f2.8D & 300f4 AF-S + TC14EII, tc20eiii + Kenco1.4x pro 300 DGX... The only zoom I use for creative photography (sometimes) is the 17-35... the rest are only for weddings, and theater or other events. I can't shoot portraits with the VRii, I would come up with half the shots! Nor I can stand 24-70'S presentation in WA... the bulk comes into the equation too, but the most important thing to me is that when I create, I do it in MF and I find the zooms less capable for that, besides I mostly do WA and there I work in MF with DOF... Also the 2 standard zooms are bad with flare & the handling of the VRii is far worst than all the 85, 105 & 180... so I use it when VR comes in the equation and zoom is essential (call me weddings)...  The 14-24 I sold partly because of flare, but Its presentation (which is the same as a 24 only wider) didn't satisfy me... the 14 prime stretches corners out like the Zeiss does... for me UWA should be that way, add bulk and usability into the equation and there you are...


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