Wait for E7 or just get a Nikon D5200 or Pentax K5 II or K30

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Re: Wait for E7 or just get a Nikon D5200 or Pentax K5 II or K30

Unfortunatly Pentax and Nikon cameras cannot work with Olympus 4/3 lenses. The only cameras that work with these are 4/3 or m4/3 with adapter.

As to the E-7 who knows when or even IF a E-7 is going to come out.

You can ether sit it out and wait , or if you do not want to spend to much money get a m4/3 camera.

Here is the conundrum though For an Olympus

1) For a DSLR m4/3 camera you are going to lose focus speed with the 4/3 lenses.You gain 6PM and about 2 stops of noise and 5 axis IBIS. You gain very good video. The sensor is excellent.

2) If you want IS and a DSLR type body its going to set up back about $1300 for a E-M5 with adapter ( No Lens ) To get the same feel you would have to add a grip and battery pack at a extra $400.

3) You can go the Panasonic route ( Cheaper on some models ) with you current lenses but you lose IS and have the same half a$$ed focus with 4/3 lenses.

4) Pentax K5 or K30 are weather sealed cameras with a great sensor and are very good cameras. Lots of primes but zooms a bit dicey. Actually the zooms are far better than m4/3 ones at this time ( My opinion) There are also lots of third party lenses out there. Pricing also excellent.

5) Nikon D5200 is a Nikon camera and comes with all the other great stuff and system support that comes with Nikon.

Your problem is if there is a E-7 ? ( I suppose all of ours here)

At the moment you are not too invested in Olympus 4/3 equipment. You can wait a few months ( I recon max up to around 6-9 as any thing later that and there will not be a 4/3 system to worry about. ) If you don't need it right now and like what you got and are prepared to wait stick around maybe Olympus surprises us.

Alternately the Pentax stuff looks very nice at a good price. The Nikon would be a safe bet though.

Keep in mind that with you current lenses it's either Panasonic or Olympus or dump them and buy a whole new system as the lenses are not usable on other brands.

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