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Re: Please, no photography talk this time, shall we?

marcio_napoli wrote:


I must confess your series almost brought tears to my eyes.

In fact, if I have made the right connections in my brain, I would have cried.

Honestly, not my intention at all!

It just did not happen because I'm a carnivore, and I prefer to block my own thoughts about meat's origin.

It's not that I am vegetarian, I am not.

Sorry to say that I would have agreed you more if you were a vegetarian.

But I feel tremendous respect for all kinds of animal life, and it causes me suffering to see such innocent creatures going to the death corridor, packed in a match box.

Packed, I agree but to be fair, the animals are not terribly treated in this case.  Actually I saw them in good shape on the lorry.

These animals are all from the same generation, born very closely, at the same time.

Would we want if a more "advanced" species dominated this world, and packed ourselves, brothers and sisters all together in a match box, and sent us to the slaughter house?

When we change the innocent animals for humans in the equation, see how scary it really is?

I am not sure whether the analogy could be that simple.

It is scary indeed, sad, and makes me humble about life.

Of course, we should be humble about life.  But judging from the photos to say the otherwise is to me a bit over the top.

I do not think we should talk about photography in such a thread, it makes me feel wrong about what we are actually seeing.

On the opposite, this will be my last response as in this forum, I want to talk about photography.

Just because we, humans, have developed a larger brain, we believe we have all the right over life and death of other living beings.

In the same token, you will be totally against hens laying eggs in a confined cage, catching of salmon squeezing their last patch of sperm in Alaska, continuous production of dairy milk by making them pregnant.

In another (not so similar) thread, I commented that we, as humans, should at least give these creatures one single mandatory right:

The right to die without pain.

This is illogical, death is always with pain.  Do you mean unnecessary prolonged pain?

Just a painless death, and the little animal leaves this world, without even noticing it.

Again, not as simple as that.  You have to kill them quick in the farm, (once you transport them to the abattoir, pain, at least mentally, already gets started), not to be noticed by this particular one, but even doing so, you are exerting pain to those from the same generation, born very closely, at the same time.

It's just food, and we can't change the rules.

But at the same time, just give them a little compassion, and a painless death.

"A painless death", easy in words, difficult in practice, and philosophically impossible.

Don't get me wrong, I am not suggesting to do it in an inhuman and brutal way.  Unnecessary prolonged pain should always be avoided.

That would be the most inteligent (don't we consider so?) and human act we could do.

Human beings behave under constraints.



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