K5 level correction

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Re: K5 level correction

Ronald E. Chambers wrote:

With the number photos, using ACR etc. is going to be a pain that's the reason I inquired about something automatic in PP.

I don't really follow this argument.  If the camera's level is accurate you use it in auto and you don't need to do anything in PP about levelling.  If it isn't accurate then applying it in PP won't give you level images anyway.

If you are shooting raw (or even if you aren't) you surely review all the shots you take to see which are worth keeping.  Loading them and going through them looking critically at each takes a certain amount of time even if you don't touch them.  For each one that you think needs levelling the Straighten tool takes about 10s, which is relatively little in the overall time taken to consider a batch of shots.

Not that it makes any difference, but while you were thinking "automatic" you didn't mention "automatic" in your OP.

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