NEX-6, SELP1650 and PDAF (contains images)

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Re: TK: how about something much, much less dangerous

jpr2 wrote:

thaddak wrote:

I will not entertain any requests to re-do this shot standing in the middle of the tracks aiming the camera head on to the oncoming train...

Hopefully these images will help you judge if PDAF is a gimmick on the NEX-6.

thanks for posting these results, however... train's front is huuuge (meaning = easy to focus at), so how about something much, much less dangerous and yet far more challenging for N6 - shooting a jogger straight on at 10fps and wide open while she would approach you in her fast paced trot?

If my wife caught me photographing a female jogger (you did specify "she"), I think that would be MORE dangerous than taking a picture of an oncoming train... The jogger could also take offense and double the pain.

I get your drift, I'll try to convince my daughter to pose for me tomorrow. As I only have the SELP1650, "wide open" will be f/3.5 at 16mm. I'm thinking her on her scooter coming down an incline towards me...



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