Lens with "wow" effect !! :-))

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Re: Lens with "wow" effect !! :-))

The only true "wow" lens, as any proper lens connoisseur knows without asking, is the 1956 39.5mm Heptagon Mega L v. 58 B (Czechoslovakia model) with the German manual extender modification screw attachment and the maximum f/1. 39 aperture and the unique crank-operated tilt-shift mechanism. The optical spatial construction of the crystalline substructure was temporally modified by skilled enigmatic craftsmen under the tutelage of the original optical specialist of the Third Order, who each spent at least 14 years mastering their art while performing menial manual manipulations and modifications of modular componentry that had been properly aged and then conditioned in alpine ice caves in order to ensure thermo-stable meta-optical stability and compound image purity. The ineffable and subtle purity of the drawing power of this legendary optic can turn any photographer into a Cartier-Bresson, an Adams, or an Avedon, as the case may be. Unbeknownst to the general population and only shared among the elect who have been chosen to experience the spiritual perfection of the Heptagon optic, this is actually the primary factor behind the creation of virtually all truly great photography during the past 100 years. Some have come close, but none have achieved greatness without it. Why, the effect is simply magical. All I can say is...


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