Converting RAW to JPG

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Re: Converting RAW to JPG


You may want to watch the series of 16 video created by Adobe to get you started with LR4:

I started using LR4 about 1 month ago and find the features to be expansive and easy to use, once you use it a little.  These video walk you thru each of the significant features and show you how to use them in an easy to understand manner.  Well worth the time to watch.

As someone else mentioned "tagging" (adding keywords), while a bit tedious at first, give you a massive payback.  I have over 35,000 images in my LR4 catalog (I had previously used PS Elements) and the vast majority of my photos are of people.  By adding keyword identifying people in the pictures I can easily select just the photos I want at a later date.

Good luck with LightRoom 4...


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