Is prior DSLR ownership needed to appreciate a NEX?

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re: just imagine... that you had no OVF or EVF (or any other VF)

CosmoZooo wrote:

One very interesting thing you should note is that using OVF requires a lot more skill then using EVF because you do not have a live view. As such a beginner maybe a lot less likely to experiment with the shot because they may not understand what it will look like without the live View, I don't. But with EVF I can see what the result will be right away, I understand which parameter will give me a better exposure very easily and can make the decision which to adjust based on what I am shooting. On a DSLR you will be forced into an LCD live view. I can tell you from personal experience that NEX is an excellent camera to learn the basics and to understand how they relate to each other especially if you have the EVF.

many, many decades ago I was learning my basics with the bellows-folding Agfa Plenax PD16 (I no longer have it, so a pic. from the Net must do):

nothing could beat the excitement felt by a young soul while waiting for the film cooking to be done :), but basics like aperture, SS, and film sensitivity (not much choice was available then) just must have been known by hart even before shooting started in earnest... as a roll of film was stretched to last a whole week and sometimes even longer = a roll meant then 12 exposures !! :LOL


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