Quality Control Issues 18-55

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Quality Control Issues 18-55

I just hang up the phone with amazon. Just got my 2nd XE-1 18-55 kit today and i am sending it back.

Hopefully 3rd time's a charm.

Here's why...

First time i got the camera i thought the box had been opened by someone who used only the lens and then just sent it back to amazon after having tried out the lens. Why? Well as soon as i took the lens caps off, there was a lot of lint (i.e. from a microfibre cloth) on the front element. I thought fine whatever. Took the cap off the back element and there was lint there as well.

Anyway i thought forget about it or something and just be okay with the camera. Either way i looked through the lens and to my horror there was dust inside. At first i was going to keep it since anyway the lens is not sealed so it was bound to get some dust eventually. But...having paid $1500 with the taxes i decided i should actually get a new kit, with a clean lens especially since its brand new, why not, right?

Well, i hope that wasn't as good as it gets, cause the replacement i got.. well the lens was in a far worse condition than the first one. I barely even lifted up the lens and this time it was packed with dust inside. And the worse of it, well there are 2 bright spots which are either scratches or just liquid residue from cleaning the elements inside.

Tried to not think about it but i gave in and now, another weekend will go by without the camera. Hopefully though the 3rd time i get a replacement it wil be okay.

Fuji has some serious quality control issues apparently. All that stuff about 'Made in Japan' well may be true, but it doesn't hold true to the quality you would expect. I've seen some videos where they talk about how solid the lens is (which is true) but if it has so much dust coming out of the factory then how will it be 6 months down the line?

Either way the least they can do is just ship the lens without any dust, not a lot to ask really. Given i have some very old canon and nikon lenses and they have no dust at all inside its hard to understand how with all the advancements we have today they can mess up that up.

2 times in a row? Come on...

Not only that i am now worried that Amazon thinks i am just trying things out and sending them back. Even though i asked for replacements both times.

Note: (I hear that although they smile and do replace, they mark it down (as would most stores) that you are one of those customers ;p). I only asked for a refund once on a camera with defective focusing. Either way i never like asking for refunds or replacements.

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