Lens with "wow" effect !! :-))

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Re: Lens with "wow" effect !! :-))

for me the 14L is tops...love it

then the 35L... less used though

and the 85L

also the 70-200 II I.S.

the 14L and 85L are specialty lenses ...maybe somewhat difficult to use 'right'

(I make no claims to expertise ... still learning)

but they seem to help me get a different look

I am assuming 'wow' to mean ...a lens that adds or allows things ...a notch above the others...

the 70-200 II is amazing... so well behaved in every way ...except for the weight... ha!

and it takes a 2xTC so well

and with an extension tube is very useful

I love using the 14L II

I use it more than the macro now... it changed me and what I look at.

and I already had the 16-35 II ... the 14L II ... is different

and the 85L has some interesting potential...fun to play with....

especially in the soft morning light....

these lenses feel and act like they are really worth the $$....

they enable me ... a little bit more... and NOW I think in terms of what 'extra' bit I can get from them...that I cant from others.

when you find a tool that really, really works a bit better than the others..

then you go to it ...and not the others....like a very good wrench ... versus a never-used one...

just my thoughts though


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