Is 35mm F1.4 worth getting if you have 18-55 zoom?

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Re: But is it WORTH getting? That's the question...

Obviously, there's no one right answer, but here's my list of the main considerations:

1) If money's no object, just get it and don't worry about the "worth it" equation. It's a fabulous lens, use it as much or as little as you care, and what else is there to consider?

2) If #1 is not true, however, then I'd first consider this: the speed of the 35mm will get you better DOF flexibility, but that's about it. Is that really important to you? If yes, then your decision is made for you. But when it comes to usability in lower light situations, the OIS on the zoom makes up for what it surrenders in absolute lens speed to the 35. With the 35, you'll have faster f stops at your disposal, and with the zoom you'll have slower shutter speeds that can still be hand-held.

3) The 35mm bests the zoom in absolute IQ at the same focal length, but the zoom competes in the same ballpark. Suggest you look at photos shot by both lenses at the same focal lengths and f-stops and decide if the difference is worth the difference to you.

4) Again, if #1 is not true, then you have to weigh the choice of using your dollars for a focal length that you already have covered pretty darn well with the zoom, vs. choosing another focal length that gives you new possibilities. Is the bit of extra IQ in the 35 worth that kind of trade off to you?

As stated, no one-size-fits-all answer, but these are the key points to consider...

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