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AC1 wrote:

Seems an easy decision. 16-35L. It's a great lens on a fullframe camera (equivalent to the 10-22 on a 1.6 crop). You already have the 24mm end of the range covered with your 24-105 so I don'tmn think you would see enough gain by adding either the 24-70 zoom or a 24mm prime, unless you were really pixel peeping. But a 16-35 would transform your options and open up a whole new world of opportunity esp for landscapes. You would then have great coverage all the way from 16mm to 200mm across 3 decent lenses which should last you a while. If you were being hyper-critical you could call the 24-105L the weak link in the chain but it is still very decent glass and alongside a 16-35 and a 70-200 2.8 II you would have pro-grade lineup.

Yeah, that option does make a lot of sense.  I'm imagining what the range between 16-24 will give me that I don't currently have and how it will look for those shots at the beach and up in the hills of Scotland where I will be in Spring next year.  My only concern is that I've read a lot about the "warping" of the image that some claim spoil the images coming out of this combination at the wide end.  I'd have expected this to an extent with a subject that is close up, and assumed that DPP could fix some of it.  I also realise that you can't believe everything you read...

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