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I want to buy a first high quality photo printer, to use with a Mac. can anyone share personal experience with the Pro-100? Thanks!

IS anyone using this printer?

Not yet. Having had a couple of ancient Canon printers (my MP610 still works for basic office printing) I decided on the Pro-100 to replace my Epson T1100. After looking at a number of Australian suppliers, both bricks and mortar and on-line, I ordered (and paid) for one from "Printer Supermarket" because their price was about $100 less than most others and their web site said it was in stock. Alas they now tell me it is on back-order and they will let me know an ETA when Canon advises them.

In Australia we not only have to pay a premium price ($700 to $800 for the Canon Pro-100) but we have to wait a month or two for the slow boat to bring them to our shores.

I am looking forward to printing with the Pro-100 and will let you know what i think of it when I get one.


Hi Ross,

I wanted to update you. The Pro-100 was delivered today, got it installed on my Mac (If you are on a Mac and OS10.8, make sure to get the driver from the canon website, the CD that comes with the printer is not up to date.)

I ran a first test print of a photo I like very much with rich colors and deep blacks and all I can say is WOW! The printer is a stunning machine. My first print was on 10x8 paper and I look forward to doing some large prints. And very quiet too which I like.

One other very interesting thing. Did you that canon has a free demo print service. I don't know it it is true in Australia, but here in the US, you can send a file to canon and they will print an 81/2 x 11 on each of the three pro printers, the Pro-1, the Pro-10 and the Pro-100. Well, I ordered tjose three prints last week and they arrived today, right after I had run my first print on the Pro-100. I was relly thrilled when I looked at the three demo prints and found that I liked the Pro-100 better than the other two! Of course, all three looked great but at this proce, the Pro-100 is a great investment. Enjoy your Printer when it arrives!

Thanks for the update Taius,

I have not heard of the demo print service.  I guess that it is not offered here.

I would have been very surprised if the prints from the Pro-100 as a dye printer were not more appealing than prints from the two pigment printers.  I have been producing large prints for about three years from my Epson T1100 which is a pigment printer - excellent for plans and diagrams but the ink sits on top of most papers and is easily damaged in handling, especially in camera club competitions and expos.  The prints from pigment printer also lack the wow factor that I can get easily from my mp610.  icc profiles probably make a difference for  Canon pigment printers and for  high end Epsons but they were not available for "cheap" Epson T1100.

I am looking forward to producing some stunning monochromes on the Pro-100.


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