The Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 15 mm f/8 Body Cap

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Re: sansmirror review, mine came in to-day...

Jeff Tokayer wrote:

captura wrote:

SHood wrote:

from Henry's, $50. After filling all their orders, there were 2 remaining on the shelf at noon.

Appearance: GREAT on my black GF-2, as though they were designed for each other. No very different from the P. 14/2.5. Very cool and tiny.

A little odd-looking on my silver EPL-1.

Performance: Only had a short while to try this out on both cameras. Instant success on the EPL-1; much sharper than I expected, decent picture quality, considering. Like a talented point and shoot.

The GF-2? Not so sharp but I need more time with the settings. I can't see why there should be any difference between the two.

Glad I got it...and the GF-2 is now much thinner than my LX-3.

I used it on my GF-3, but found it to expose erratically. IQ was so so.

I'm planning on trying it with my E-M5. Hopefully i'll like it better

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My nickel, since the penny is being discontinued...

So's the nickel.

So far it's 2 strikes against Panasonic, one home run for Olympus.

Any more responses?

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