Yongnuo YN-560 II Speedlight Flash vs 565X

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Re: Yongnuo YN-560 II Speedlight Flash vs 565X

YN-560 II has eTTL and is not manual.

Sailor Blue wrote:

Footski, both the TTL and manual only flash have their uses in photography.

You do learn more about flash exposure using a manual power control flash than you do with a TTL flash, but then you have to. TTL makes getting fairly well exposed fill flash images easy, which is sufficient for many photographers.

I rarely use my Nissin Di866 on my 7D, preferring to use use it off-camera to give me better modeling of the light on my subjects. The way I use it is most of the time is in with an umbrella on a stand.

The TTL exposure will change if the background to subject brightness ratio changes. The ratio is different, for instance, for a dark background than for a light one. Even moving or zooming in on the subject can change the subject to background ratio and effect the TTL exposure.

If the subject to light distance is constant, i.e. my model and light are in fixed positions, I use the flash in the manual power control mode to eliminate any exposure variation with background to subject ratio changes. Adjusting the ambient and flash exposures is straight forward with Exposure Control and Flash Exposure Control.

On the other hand if my model to light distance is not fixed then I switch to TTL mode. This means that the exposures will show some variation as the background to subject ratio changes and as the subject to light distance changes. Since I shoot in RAW and carefully set my exposures to avoid either blowing out the highlights or blocking up important shadow areas I can easily modify the exposures in Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw to equalize them.

As I said, both manual power control and TTL have their uses. That is why I recommend buying a TTL flash as your first hot-shoe flash. I also recommend learning how to use it in manual power control mode.

Once you learn how to use your hot-shoe flash in both manual and TTL mode then you can intelligently decide on what kind of additional hot-shoe flash units to buy when you need more. With the low price of hot-shoe flash units like the YF-565 EX, however, it makes little sense to me to buy only manual power hot-shoe flash units unless you need to buy a lot of them.

One example of why you would buy a lot of low cost manual power control only hot-shoe flash units with built-in optical slaves would be to construct a portable large light source the way Syl Arena does by attaching multiple flash units to a long pole or board. Another example would be for portable high power flash where you use a multi flash bracket like this one.


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