Accurate (and fast) focusing with manual lenses like Zeiss (zf2) and other CPU lenses

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Re: key is to adjust this point where the arrow changes to dot

I do understand your writing. That is precisely the way I use it. Only it was by accident that in my situation for my camera (D700) it was not necessary to fine tune the AF point. But I know it can be set. The green dot is using the same focus electronics as used for real *AF*-focusing when an AF-lens is used. So you can shift the area of manual focus for the green dot method to. The use of one "border" of the total area that a dot is burning as actual focus point is a more precise way to make use of this focus method.

Me myself have good experience in using the green dot in this way. I am even more or less trained by the change of the arrow into the dot, without really turning my eye to the bottom of the viewfinder. So I am looking "straight" through the viewfinder to judge the subject and just by the little "change" of the figure below by one "blink", I know the arrow has changed into dot.

Hoped Nikon had used the method of Canon camera's, where the actual AF-point itself is used as an electronic helping aid when focusing manual. It is lighting up when the point is in focus. So not a separate dot at the bottom.

As explained by you, I can not focus properly by eye at the screen e.g. when using a fast lens like a Voigtlander 58mm/1.4. The method by the arrow into dot change is far more easy, and precisely.

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