Atheists don't force their views like Christians....

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Re: Atheists don't force their views like Christians....

Wheatfield wrote:

PhD4 wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

PhD4 wrote:

Now... one person doesn't like it so some group that salivates over this stuff steps in and shuts it down.

Are you are are you not in favour of the rule of law? It appears form this report that the structure was illegal, and therefore it was legally correct that it be removed.

The structure was in the same place for 65 years.

This year... it was suddenly illegal.

And not illegal because the city/property owners said so... but because some atheist organization wanted it to be, and found the "permit" loophole.

Loopholes are what makes the world go round. You favour them when you are in agreement with them, scorn them when you disagree.

You know this about me how ?

If you don't like the law, get it changed. It's not a difficult concept (think really hard, you might get your head around it)

I couldn't care less about the law.... and it's only about the sudden need for a permit.... something easily handled.

None of which makes the atheists involved look any better...or less controlling.

I guess you missed the whole point of the atheists that CLAIM Christians force their views.... are the ones that do it.

How is anyone forcing their views on anyone else here?

Wtf ?!

Their view is that there should be no Nativity on government property.

Do you live in a secular country or not? If you really believe in the separation of church and state, then the government shouldn't have religious anything on it's property.

Dearborn MI, a very muslim community, has muslim references on some gov't property.

Again, i don't care what religion it is or if it is there or not.

It doesn't force me to listen to, or believe what they believe.

I guess that is one of a million things that makes me different from people like you, and them.

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