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Re: Just use Classic Shell, Start8, ViStart or similar...

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Personally, I already use Linux the vast majority of the time.

My PCs are setup in dual boot configs with both Win 7 and Linux on them. Looking at the files on my 64 bit Win 7 install on the desktop I'm using right this minute, the last time I booted into Windows was October 25th.

So, I'll probably boot into Windows again the middle of next week, so I can install the last two months worth of "patch tuesday" updates from Microsoft, update my AV protection, browsers, plugins, etc.; as I don't like to get more than a couple of months behind with those updates.

Personally, I wouldn't purchase Win 8 for anything. But, if I happened to buy a new PC and it shipped with Win 8, no big deal.

I'd just use Start8, Classic Shell, ViStart or similar if I needed Windows for anything.

That way, I could bypass the new style UI (formerly known as Metro) entirely, and get a traditional start menu back again.

Linux handles most anything I need, using apps like Firefox for web browsing, LibreOffice for docs and spreadsheets, VLC for media playback, Corel AfterShot Pro for raw conversion and image management, etc.

I used to be a Unix person. My home machine ran Unix, I wrote code in 'c' and my old machines ran rings around the new ones running Windows. but some years ago I started developing Windows apps so I loaded Windows on my machine and stopped using Linux. I have not had a Linux machine in, I would guess, 6 or 8 years, perhaps longer.

I don't know what digital apps are available for Linux. I currently use Lightroom 4, Photoshop CS5, PhotoNinja and Sagelight for photo editing. I also have some other apps, but have stopped using them since I got LR4 and PhotoNinja. I don't know if these apps are available for Linux or, if they are, if they work as well.

But, in the meantime, if I need to buy a PC with Win 8 installed, I'd just use third party tools to bypass the new UI, as being discussed in this thread (Classic Shell, Start8, ViStart, etc.).

If Microsoft forces all apps to be sold through the Microsoft Store, which is what people are saying in this thread, I can only guess as to what the chilling effect will be on the ability of companies to do things like offering free trials or price cuts. Last week LR4, full edition, was on sale for less than the LR 4 upgrade that I bought. I don't see how that would be common if they all had to be sold through the Microsoft Store.

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