Odd experience with the 60mm Macro.

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To Mr. Wo

DaveWo wrote:

Different cameras from different brands don't produce the same colors the same way (that's why some people prefer Canon color, Nikon color, etc). They don't white balance the same way either (some more accurate other not necessarily so). You shoot the same scene with a Fujifilm, a Canon and a Nikon and they give you slightly different results straight out of camera. Nothing unusual. Even different models from the same manufacturer can treat the same scene differently. It has been like that pretty much since inception. That's why people shoot raw, post-process, produce color profile for their camera, use custom white balance, etc, etc. Even back then Kodak film and fujifilm gave you different results.

Hate to say it but it seems to me some of you do have a lot to learn about digital photography.

It seems that you may have some reading comprehension problems.  If you go back and read my entire original post, you will see that:

1) I manually WB'd both lenses right before my comparison tests (after my initial surprise at the AWB results).  I used the XRite Color Checker device's white balance card.

2) Conditions and lighting were identical; the photos were taken moments apart.

3) I have three other Oly M43 lenses that I use on my GH2 (12mm, 45mm, 40-140mm).  I have always been extremely impressed with their color signatures.  All three of them AWB perfectly on the GH2, and none of them require the use of manual white balance to get accurate ooc color rendition.

4) This was a total surprise, and I suspect I may have a defective lens.  If I don't then it's not a lens I want to bother with, since half of the reason I wanted it was to eliminate the need to manually white balance every single time I used the lens, as I have to do with the Nikon.

One suggestion: Learn how to read before you reach into your bag-o-pomposity and pull out a sneer.  It's embarrasing to watch someone make a fool of themselves because they have not properly read a post they are commenting on.


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