First studio session - C&C Please [NSFW]

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Re: First studio session - C&C Please [NSFW]

For me, like a couple others, these pics remind me of driving in to a bright sun while trying to see the road.  I felt like trying to hold my hand over the background so that I could see her.  i would rather have her lit better by maybe a close in beauty dish to get some highlight on her face so i can pay attention to it instead of having that background blind me.   I think a mixture of lowering the background a little and putting some highlight on her some to brighten her would be nice.

I felt like I wanted a visor on the top of my laptop screen to pull down so I could check your model out, she is pretty and the pics look sharp.  So lower that massive, nuclear explosion sun down in the back, bring some extra beauty dish type highlight to her face and draw my attention to her, and you will be kicking some butt from there on out.

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