Olympus 9-18mm VS Panasonic 20mm VS 17mm & 14-42mm

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Re: Olympus 9-18mm VS Panasonic 20mm VS 17mm & 14-42mm

I have the 9-18mm. It is an OK lens in regards to sharpness. My tests against this lens show me that this lens is sharpest 9-12mm. It loses some sharpness from 14-18mm, but still perfectly acceptable. Compared to the 7-14mm, the panasonic RAWs show it is sharper across the range. However, some slight sharpening in Lightroom will bring the sharpness up to par with some very slight noise. The problem with this lens I see is the CA. This lens also has a problem with overblown high contrast areas. The details in high contrast areas will lose detail due to this problem. It could be something as simple as a white street sign that is not as sharp or detailed due to overblown contrast.  It is fairly prevalent.  It's also doesn't have as good contrast as some lenses I own, as a result the pictures don't have colors that pop out as much. This can be remedied on post processing though.

In conclusion, this is a decent lens that can benefit from some minor post processing to bring out the detail and contrast that great lenses will deliver you straight from the camera.

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