Shot with RX1 Observation.

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Re: Shot with RX1 Observation.

o Conlocha wrote:

I'm hearing loads of stuff about this camera and it seems everyone is going nuts! The thing doesn't focus well in low light, hunting too much etc. It isn't a professional camera if it doesn't work well in poor light, it isn't a professional camera if it doesn't have a viewfinder. The grip is poor, it's not well weather sealed etc etc.

All I am hearing is wishful thinking from anyone who has one or is going to buy one. My advice is don't a total waste for money. Buy a good camera that has all the stuff that this piece of crap doesn't have. You guys have definitely more money than sense, this is all hype over a reasonable, but definitely not a professional camera!


A critical Pro

My oh my.

If you would have left it at that, one might have taken you seriously.

Instead you seem to have written more or less all of your 130 posts in this thread, quoting xx lines and then writing 1-2 lines in return. This thread started with an informative user experience and has now been rendered utterly useless by your ranting over 5 pages.

Congratulations for your contribution in making the world and this forum a better place to be!

The RX1 is no camera for me, but I can tolerantly see that others might like a small FF camera with a fixed lens of that focal range. Heck, you apparently have not yet been to a Leica forum, have you? A similar outfit would cost approximately 5 times as much. Why not go there and vent your anger about some people wasting their money on outrageously expensive hobby equipment?

There are worse things on earth then doing that. You could buy an expensive car and lose more money in a month than the RX1 costs in total.

We all have too much time on our hands, otherwise we would do more usefull things instead of lurking in this forum. But some really take the crown.....

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