Fighting students choose to hold hands...

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Re: Fighting students choose to hold hands...

ljfinger wrote:

PhD4 wrote:

Henry Schobin wrote:

Punishment by humiliation created a billion jobs.

A friend of mine's son (also a friend to someone else) was caught passing a note in class. The teacher intercepted the note and read it aloud to the class. It was apparently quite private and embarrassing……to the teacher.

The boy left the classroom (laughing) without permission, used his bus pass to take a bus downtown where he took an elevator to the top of the library. He then read a book on how to start your own business. He became a self-made millionaire one moth later. 9 years later, as of yesterday, his companies have 1,000,000,001 employees. He became so rich that he decided to change his identity, only his dental records remain unchanged.

That is a nice heartwarming story.

Thank you for sharing

I think you two should get married. And on your wedding night, you should get drunk, and then go driving on a nice secluded mountain road somewhere.

Homosexual fantasies in your head often ?

Or just run out of stories that have been passed around in emails for years ?

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