Shot with RX1 Observation.

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Re: Shot with RX1 Observation.

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I'm hearing loads of stuff about this camera and it seems everyone is going nuts! The thing doesn't focus well in low light, hunting too much etc. It isn't a professional camera if it doesn't work well in poor light, it isn't a professional camera if it doesn't have a viewfinder. The grip is poor, it's not well weather sealed etc etc.

All I am hearing is wishful thinking from anyone who has one or is going to buy one. My advice is don't a total waste for money. Buy a good camera that has all the stuff that this piece of crap doesn't have. You guys have definitely more money than sense, this is all hype over a reasonable, but definitely not a professional camera!


A critical Pro

Wait....... who has claimed the RX1 to be a "professional" camera?

If you are a professional
get a D800/5DmarkIII for landscapes
get a D4/1DX for sports or wildlife
get a Hasselblad for studio work.

The RX1 is an enthusiast's camera, get your facts straight.

Fact remains that it is priced way up in the range of professional cameras not in your enthusiasts' range. (and that is a fact) I can get two nikons d600s for that price, Sony is ripping you all ff and you just swallow it in bucket loads!

Well the main allure of the RX1 is it's size, and if you can't appreciate the technology that went into making it small, then you may think it is overpriced.
I think it is a bargain to be honest. It is $7,000 cheaper than the ONLY other compact FF camera, a Leica M9 w/ lens.

So we pay 3000 for its size! The Leica is way off the proper mark in anyway and aiming at a niche market, so that doesn't really ad up now does it?

I will give to you 10000$ for D600  if you can make that to RX1 size and with same lens as RX1 and be able to take photos with it.

If you can't do that then one  pays 3000$ for RX1's size.

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